Pass it forward

Welcome to the roundup of the battle of Verge coin.

Verge is a token that has been under FIRE the last days.

It started as a very reasonable coin to invest in, with some interesting specs security wise.

You can read the whitepaper on their site. (Actually blackpaper)


It got mentioned in Forbes due to the radical rise of the value over a short period of time.

You can read about that here:


The last days, however… It has been UNDER FIRE.

You know Mcaffee Antivirus? The creator John, mentioned the coin on his Twitter account.

After that, a group of what is know as “pumper and dumpers” (our name for them) has been downright dirty and has been dissing, as in badmouthing the token for the last few days.

In fact, it has gotten so worse that people, holders of Verge have been led to believe some of what has been said has been true and some, left the ship…

Leaving their investment which they DID believe in at first… Only to sell their tokens and by doing so, the pump and dump group bought what they could as a result.


Unethical YES.



I followed this all yesterday with only brief breaks to read other news and routine work.

The price went from 0.24 or 0.27, which it was when I started to look at it. May have been the day before even…(cannot recall precisely right now, a little tired.)

And went down to 0.12. I rounded these numbers.

Now it has started to rise again.


Just checked and it is at 0.15.


The group doing this is manipulating the FUD, Fear Uncertainty and Doubt of people.


The lesson here is simple.

Do NOT read information on the tokens you have invested in from other groups other than the official statements that you know come from the developers themselves.


We sympathize with the victims of this fraudulent act as there were many that got burnt from this.


Everyone: Take note of this when you invest and follow your gut, and the developers’ broadcasts, not random people.


All the best.