Pass it forward

Bitcoin plunges now and then.


In the recent two days, however, it has been a bit more stable.

As Bitcoin has a lot of swing to it, some people report losing faith in its growth as investors.

However, as Bitcoin is needed to in MANY cases to buy other cryptocurrencies it will remain the hot one in our opinion. Thus, continue to grow.

After a “dip” as it has had, we expect it to rise again, and even so… With an aggressive spike.


This calculation or forecast is hard to tell of course and is not set in stone by any means as it is not under our control.


We base our prediction on history. And history has a weird thing about repeating itself.


So… As it has stabilized and the coin itself has gone mainstream and will also be introduced to Nasdaq investors in 2018 we expect it to not only be stable… But also to rise again as it is in high demand. Every time Bitcoin dips… It has risen again. This dip, however, was a big one. People may have bought a lot of Christmas presents with Bitcoin 🙂


Christmas is upon us all even though all do not celebrate it.


We here at do, and we are really looking forward to the celebration itself.


However, the market is still moving and for the eager enthusiasts, it will be on the monitors even at Christmas day for certain people to watch.


We read all the time about people investing their houses, cars, their wife’s cars into Cryptocurrency… And we would on that not like to say that we encourage SAFE investing.


Never invest anything you cannot afford to lose.


Hopefully, most of you investors have had fiat enough to get presents to your loved ones and if not, maybe some Currency you believe in which WILL go up.

It is said that we cannot foresee the future, alas, our brain calculates the possible outcome for it based on what we know. So in some ways, we can predict it.


A study done in the Netherlands showed us that we can with some “training” predict the outcome of a situation when though we may not know it from other than clues.

You can read about it here if you’d like:


With this info, what we gather is that the more educated you are in your game, or Cryptocurrency fluctuations and market swings, the more primed you will be to make an informed decision even though you cannot see the future, per say.


With that note we want to add that anyone new to the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain scene, should do a fair bit of reading before they even think of investing, to be safe.


But I am sure you already know this by know right? )


Final closing note:


2018 will in our predictions be a rising year our Crypto, some will of course not rise as much as others… But we predict Bitcoin will.

We may be wrong, but we see it as possible. Other coins to look at will be shared in 2018, or maybe JUST before the year’s end.


Stay tuned to learn more about THAT.


Have a Merry Christmas Cryptoconverters.


All the best.








Did not finish writing until the spike is on the way up =)