Pass it forward

Ethereum tokens( ethers) have reached $1,000 on numerous major exchanges for the first time ever. This is an all-time high and the result of a multiple-day rallying. The total marketplace capitalization of ethers currently available is now $100 billion.

And hitherto, ethers only represent around 13 percent of all cryptocurrencies out there. 2017 may have been a huge year for cryptocurrencies across the board, but one of the most important point narratives is that there are now many different tokens worth tens of billions of dollars when it comes to business capitalization.

One ether was worth between $700 and $800 for most of the second half of December. But over the past seven days, ethers have been selling up 40 percent.

Despite this incredible carry-on, Ripple is still the second biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Somehow, Ripple has been up over 1,300 percent over the last 30 periods. Ethereum has been lagging behind Ripple because of this rally.

Bitcoin is growing less and less reigning. It now represents 32.5 percent of the best interests of all cryptocurrencies in circulation.