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A cyber security accelerator with links to the UK’s GCHQ intelligence agency is redoubling down for a second program that’s larger and longer than the inaugural bootcamp which knocked off in January.

The second cohort, announced today, will go through a nine month planned vs three. There’s likewise more of them: Nine startups vs seven. And more money on the table for selected crews, with PS25, 000 apiece vs the original PS5k grant.

Startups in the first cohort were not required to give up any equity to participate, with neither GCHQ nor Wayra giving at that point. We’ve asked whether such a situation has changed for the second batch of teams now that the program has been expanded and will update this story with any answers. Modernize: No change, but see below for a quick Q& A with a spokesman for the accelerator.

The expanded program will furnish selected teams access to technological and safety knowledge from GCHQ, the National Cyber Security Centre and Telefonica, which is the partner group running the accelerator planned( under its Wayra UK bootcamp banner ), as well as the usual mix of mentoring, business services and place space.

The nine startups to choose the programmes play in a wide range of areas, from age verification online, to insurance abilities, to blockchain cybercrime to IoT( in) security.

They are 😛 TAGEND

Cybershield spots phishing and spear phishing, and alarms employees before they erroneously act on deceitful emails

Elliptic spies and investigates cybercrime committing crypto-currencies, enabling the company to identify clandestine blockchain undertaking and provide intelligence to financial institutions and law enforcement agencies

ExactTrak equips embedded engineering that safeguards data and maneuvers, uttering the user visibility and oversight matters even when the maneuvers are turned off

Intruder equips a proactive security monitoring platform for Internet-facing systems and jobs, spotting arrangement inadequacies before intruders do

Ioetec provides a plug-and-play gloom assistance solution to connect Internet of Things inventions with end-to-end shown, encrypted security

RazorSecure provisions advanced intrusion and anomaly perception for aviation, rail and automobile sector

Secure Code Warrior has built a hands-on, gamified Software-as-a-Service discovering pulpit to help developers write secure code

Trust Elevate solves the problem of age verification and parental acceptance for young adults and children in online transactions

Warden helps enterprises protect their users from hackers in real era by checking for suspicious pleasure