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A whole lotta bitcoins have been plagiarized online because nothing is safe online
Image: REX/ Shutterstock

Cryptocurrency marketplace NiceHash has reported that virtually $70 million in bitcoin has been swiped from its services by intruders, a revelation that comes as bitcoin continues to climb to new altitudes of value.

NiceHash announced the thievery on their Facebook page, saying, “Clearly, this is a matter of deep concern and we are working hard to rectify the matter in the coming days.”

NiceHash’s head of marketing Andrej P. Skraba told the Wall street Journal that an estimated 4,700 bitcoin were taken away from the company’s bitcoin wallet.

One thing to note: as the value of a bitcoin continues to go up, so, very does the value of the robbery. As of announce season, the value of a single bitcoin has excelled $15,000( with rates on some local Korean exchanges already topping $19,000 ), signifying the best interests of the the heist has, for the time being, outrun $70 million.

The rise of bitcoin’s importance has been so quick and volatile( as are deal costs) that some firms are no longer accepting the cryptocurrency as remittance, including Steam, the digital gaming platform.

As Mashable ‘s Stan Schroeder has pointed out, though, even as skepticism builds about a potential Bitcoin bubble, the cryptocurrency biz has explosion and it’s unlikely that it will go away any time soon.

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