Pass it forward

The problem with used to describe Bitcoin is that the subject has become so psychological. The exceedingly name arouses prevail, desire, fury, or madnes. Glory from those handful of hodlers( yes, really) who are watching the destiny they long foretold actually come true before those eyes. Greed from those hundreds of newbies who merely bought in. Those two groups are, of course, bitcoin believers.

Resentment from those who are interested in the latter are hodlers, or who had what would be millions of dollars’ worth today pass through their hands back in the early days.( As person enmeshed in the outskirts of the San Francisco hacker scene I know more than a few of those .) And madnes from those for whom Bitcoin represents tech bros hectic fiddling with certain kinds of bullshit libertarian Internet money while all around us Rome is igniting 😛 TAGEND