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If you’re still browsing thrift places in search of an outfit for an upcoming ugly Christmas sweater party, gape no further.

The ugliest( and, I’m sorry to say, “the worlds largest” insufferable) sweaters on the market are these pullovers decorated with the cryptocurrency emblem of your selection.

Hodlmoon, “home of the frightful crypto sweaters, ” offers six cryptocurrency-inspired schemes, including bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin.

And though each exchanges for $59.99 a pop, customers can also making such a buy expending bitcoin or litecoin.( Per their expenditure explosion, $59.99 converts to 0.0035435 9 bitcoin and 0.1891 litecoin .)

As for whether or not donning a cryptocurrency sweater amounts to a kind of humblebrag, that likely depends on how much you’ve got in your bitcoin purse.

Image: hodlmoon

Image: hodlmoon

Image: hodlmoon

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