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Billionaire investor Mike Novogratz “re just saying that” bitcoin has more office to rise though this month’s more-than-5 0 percentage tide in the digital money exhibits all the signs of a market peak.

“This feels like what a speculative surpas feels like, ” Novogratz, chief executive of Galaxy Investment Marriage, said in a Thursday interview in Toronto after speaking at a discussion hosted by GMP Capital Inc.” The only reason I’m not sure — and it might be the surpas for a short time — is that it’s a big world, and world markets cover isn’t practically big enough for it to be the top of the whole system.”

Novogratz said he exchanged some bitcoin in the morning and tried later, but couldn’t because of problems implementing his sells. Despite the feeling of careening elevations, he said bitcoin still has apartment to climb.

” One of the reasons that it might not be the pinnacle, in the short term even, is that usually markets end with tired when there are no customers left, ” Novogratz said, computing this week’s surge isn’t there.” They can’t process the amount of customers that want in, and so I don’t think it’s the top. I think it could have been only speculative frenzy.”

Novogratz’s comments echo previous sentiments on their chances of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin, in which he’s frequently said it’s a bubble that’ll likely explosion though he doesn’t care given the long-term future of the industry. After the recent “euphoria,” Novogratz said he now considers that bitcoin could reach $50,000 by the end of next year — upping his previous reckon of $40,000.

He doesn’t see any immediate clues of a bubble overflowing, because the crypto-asset hasn’t yet attracted institutional investors or pension funds.

“Bubbles don’t intent until the purchaser are currently in, until there’s leveraging and there’s no leveraging in this system more, ” Novogratz said.” I think that’s what you wait for.”

Still, he’d like to see some of the volatility of trading bitcoin dissipate.

” I hope it mollifies down a bit simply to give people a chance to breathe, ” he said.” Marketplace participants can’t keep up with the frenetic pace.”

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