Pass it forward

It’s not just cashed-up papas hopping on cryptocurrencies, juice corporations are doing the same too.

Australian juice chain Boost has propelled a competition where customers can win one Bitcoin, if they can properly predict the cost of the cryptocurrency at 12 p.m. the following Monday.

Only one person can choose a certain expenditure, to ensure there’s no splitting of the award. At the time of writing, one BTC is equal to $ 10,569( A $13,387.76 ), but as we’ve learned lately BTC’s price has been fluctuating a great deal in recent weeks.

Boost will have one BTC a week to win over four weeks. Like any in-store competitor, you’ll need to buy a liquid to get an introduction code, which you can enter in the chain’s app and guess BTC’s prospective price.

As for people who might not be following the cryptocurrency rollercoaster, you can also get the app to pick world prices for you.

Boost’s effort is the latest in a series of cryptocurrency-aligned tournaments: There’s a perplex competition which lets you win one BTC if you can successfully crack it.

Surely investing in cryptocurrencies is already enough of a game?