Pass it forward

The Bitcoin Price Rise yesterday and today aided it to go past $4.900.00 at the time of this writing and investors rejoice over movement in the positive era again. In 2017, the Bitcoin price rise was “REAL” and not only “REAL”, but in other words, volatile and very profitable for some investors.

Can you say, finally?

The last three months has been a silent winter for the coin comparing to the last month, the Bitcoin price rise was up over 25% according to Coinbase.

Other Cryptocurrencies followed the trail and rose as well, including Litecoin Ethereum and many others as their price somewhat rely on Bitcoin and the health of the coin.

The reason for the Bitcoin price rise is at the moment unknown for many, but is a sight of relief compared to many not-so positive news in the last few weeks.

Some believe it has to do with a large order of over $100 Million worth of Bitcoin across U.S Based exchanges Coinbase Kraken and also Luxembourg’s Bitstamp.

Around 20.000 Bitcoin from a single order spread across these networks algorithmically-managed has most likely made the Bitcoin price rise and while doing so, the market looks fresher than in a long time.

Bitcoin price rise

Blockchain technology and Bitcoin, in particular, is still on the rise as adoption from Banks has been the latest frontier. We assume that Cryptocurrencies will become mainstream in a few short years, catapulting the growth of the technology even further.