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Definitely not storying in the darkness .

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Look, we all have reveries, but this is kind of a great deal — even for a cryptocurrency billionaire.

An April 2 Q& A livestream featuring none other than Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong briefly shifted into the absurd when the 36 -year-old told witness that he’d cherish it if his corporation could help topple some governments. Yes, you read that properly.

Armstrong was responding to a apparently innocuous question from Telegram about the company’s most ambitious designs. Obviously, the co-founder of a company dedicated to creating an “open business organisation for the world” doesn’t picture small-scale.

The question, which Armstrong read aloud and you can find around the 36:45 commemorate in the below embedded video, was simple enough: “What’s the most ambitious thing Coinbase wants to do in the next five years? Any quirky moonshot stuff? ”

The CEO had some thoughts, wandering from making cryptocurrency to parties in Venezuela to the aforementioned regime change. We bolded the merriment persona for you.

One of the grandiose things is like, with GiveCrypto, we want to give 100,000 beings in Venezuela a little bit of crypto like in the next, you know, roughly 12 months. And so, I want to see if we can precipitate a cluster of uses there and actually have a country in the world tip. In other texts, like 50 percent or more of all deals in its national economy are happening in crypto. Like, that would be amazing. Perhaps, you know, frankly like demolish some tainted oppressors in the world, that would be awesome .

Importantly, it’s worth noting that Armstrong appears to be referring to what he believes is the power of cryptocurrency to bring about large-scale societal change, as to report to arming some militia with bitcoin to take down a despot or something similarly bonkers.

Still, subverting a distorted government is not generally the territory 5-year design of your norm San Francisco-based tech CEO. But, then again , anything about cryptocurrency is ever median.

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