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Coinbase, the$ 8 billion-valued crypto exchange, has lost its CTO after Balaji Srinivasan heralded his difference from the company.

Srinivasan became the U.S. company’s first CTO one year ago after it acquired, where he was CEO and co-founder. Rendered the tenure — one year and one day — it looks like Srinivasan’s departure comes after he dished the minimum concurred span with Coinbase.

A high-profile figure in the crypto room who has also invested occasion with Coinbase and Earn investor A1 6z, Srinivasan declared his is moving forward Twitter. He declined to go into specifics but said in a tweet that he plans to take time off to get fit , among other things, before propelling into his next product.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong paid tribute to Srinivasan’s” stupendous contributions” to the company.

Srinivasan’s time at Coinbase insured the company ramp up its expansion acts. Those include the launch of its own USDC stablecoin, the swelling( and strategy expansion) of assets sold to consumers and ‘pro’ sellers, and a wider world thrust. Apart from consumers, it launched a slew of services for retail investors and today its services also include staking and over-the-counter trading.

There’s also Coinbase’s own VC forearm for doing deals with promising startups and, also on the M& A area, the firm has continued making acquisitions and acquihires. This year, it has clicked up Y Combinator grad Blockspring and Neutrino, whose founders controversially once worked for surveillance house Hacking Team, in exactly what we its eleventh and twelfth acquisitions to date.

Talent retention appears to be becoming a bit of such issues at Coinbase.

Srinivasan’s exit comes a month after Dan Romero, the company’s head of international, left after a five-year stint. According to Coindesk, the company has understood at the least a dozen senior or mid-level administrations leave since October when it promoted $300 million is presided over by Tiger Global.

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