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When it comes to cryptocurrency, things can always get worse.

Earlier this month, bulletin violated that QuadrigaCX, a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange, lost access to $190 million importance of patron crypto after the founder died — taking sole knowledge of the history passwords to the mausoleum.

Now, it looks like it screwed up again. According to a preliminary report filed by Ernst and Young, which is acting as a court-appointed monitor for the company, QuadrigaCX sent a so-called cold storage wallet 103 bitcoin( worth more than $460,000) after it had been locked out.

Essentially, because founder Gerald Cotten died , no one — not QuadrigaCX and not its purchasers — can retrieve the majority of the crypto held by the exchange. It looks to be lost forever.

This news, it should be noted, became public following a Jan. 31 affidavit filed by Cotten’s widow Jennifer Robertson and published by Coindesk. And more, despite knowing the company couldn’t access the cold wallets in question, QuadrigaCX still referred them a cluster of bitcoin.

“On February 6, 2019, Quadriga unwittingly transferred 103 bitcoins valued at nearly $468,675 to Quadriga cold purses which the Company is currently unable to access, ” speaks the report. “The Monitor is working with Management to retrieve this cryptocurrency from the various types freezing wallets, if possible.”

That’s a stupendous screw up for a company once reeling from a disastrous mess up, and a number of the estimated 92,000 -plus QuadrigaCX account purchasers with currency or cryptocurrency offsets are taking the exchange to the courtroom. Precisely, the Ernst and Young report like to remind you that 427 “affected users” have obtained legal counsel.

Unfortunately for them, at the moment it looks like there isn’t much coin to claw back. Only $902,743 merit of cryptocurrency was being held in so-called “hot wallets” — purses the exchange is available to access — as of Feb. 5. That was before over half of that was then “inadvertently” lost by the company.

However, there is one small bit of good information. And we do imply big. Ernst and Young intend to transfer the remaining crypto into a cold billfold that it insures. So, at least in theory, QuadrigaCX can’t slip up again and lose the rest of the money, too.

But hey, we’re sure it’ll find any other way to shambles things up. When it comes to cryptocurrency and disasters, all you have to do is wait.

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