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ethereum Ethereum understood a 2.7% rate fall over the past 24 hours of trading as it lowers back toward $259. The cryptocurrency broke out of the short term symmetrical triangle pattern that we had outlined yesterday.

Ethereum dropped by a further 2.7% over the past 24 hours of trading as the cryptocurrency declines beneath the $260 tier. This latest price decline even induced ETH to drop beneath the short term symmetrical triangle we highlighted in our last-place article.

Nevertheless, the cryptocurrency still remains above strong subsistence and would need to drop beneath $ 250 before we start to show some concern.

Ethereum Price Analysis


cg-ethusd-feb25ETH/ USD- DAILY CHART- Source: TradingView Market Overview

Since our last-place analysis, we can see that ETH dropped beneath the short term symmetrical triangle structure as it confirms that it would like to turn into a neutral trading circumstance as Ethereum enters the consolidation phase.

This is good for ETH as it allows the buyers to take a short break without the need to give up control to the bears for an extended period of time.

Short term prediction: NEUTRAL

The recent breach beneath the symmetrical triangle pattern throws ETH into a neutral trading precondition as it enters amalgamation. The cryptocurrency would now need to rise and break above $285 before resuming the previous bullish tendency and would still need to break beneath $225 before turning bearish.

If the marketers push lower, we can expect very strong support at $256, provided by the short term. 236 Fibonacci Retracement level. This is then followed up with support at $250.

If the carries push further below $250, subsistence is then located at $ 240, $235, $225, and $221.

On the other hand, if the buyers regroup and rebound from $256, the first tier of resistance lies at $ 271. This is then followed with resistance at $278, $285, $290, and $298( long term bearish. 5 Fibonacci REtracement level ).

The RSI is at the 50 level to indicate indecision within the market. If the RSI dips beneath 50, we can expect ETH to head lower beneath $256 and possibly toward $240.

Key Levels

Support: $256, $250, $247, $240, $235, $230.

Resistance: $278, $285, $290, $298, $300, $310, $314, $334.

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