Pass it forward

Until now, the Exodus 1 has, fittingly, merely been available for buy with cryptocurrency. Starting today, nonetheless, interested defendants will be able to collect HTC’s blockchain phone up through more traditional means, including USD, which premiums the handset at a not illogical $699.

One expects, of course, if you’ve “ve had enough” of an interested in obtaining a blockchain telephone that they’ve previously got a bit of Bitcoin, Ether or Litecoin lying about. This move, however, is very clearly about curing germinating the make beyond its initial soft start. When the manoeuvre was exhausted last year, HTC was pretty clearly expecting to sell it in limited quantities to users who could basically help beta test the concoction in the wild.

HTC Decentralized Chief Officer Phil Chen calls the make the company’s 1.0 solution. In point, it’s planning to create a formal recompense program to discover and patch potential manipulates.

But HTC has long held that a manoeuvre like this will play an important role in the future of a company struggling to find its route as it feels the burn of a stagnating mobile industry. As programme pate and Chen told me on stage at a TechCrunch eventin Shenzhen last year that HTC is “as perpetrated as they are to the Vive. I don’t think it’s number one of the priority list, but I would say it’s list three or four.”

When I spoke to Chen again this month, exactly ahead of today’s Mobile World Congress announcement, he told me that HTC currently has 25 engineers committed to the project. It’s perhaps not a huge figure in the grand strategy of a company the dimensions of the HTC, but it’s a sizable hunk of workforce, considering the fact that the concoction is largely constructed exercising existing HTC hardware. The fellowship is also well brought in outside help like blockchain protection expert Christopher Allen to make sure things are as secure as possible.

And undoubtedly, I’ve been carrying an Exodus One around for about a few weeks now, and it feels like a quite standard HTC handset, both in terms of hardware and Android software, right down to the inclusion the size-squeezing Edge Sense.

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