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ICO “Issues” for APEX token?

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The token APEX is a diamond in the rough in my opinion, and the crowdsale is coming late January 2018, or early February following month.


When whitelisting what you do is that you submit your details in order to get registered to be among the first buyers.

First buyers for tokens sometimes get in at a good price, and also sometimes with extra bonus percentage off.

This was the case with APEX as well.


The process they had, was this:


  • In order to get in on the early bird ICO, you would need to submit your passport with a selfie of you holding it.
  • You would also need to submit a scanned document of your passport.
  • Also, you would need to have the exact amount of $1333 USD value in NEO tokens to buy for, in your NEO wallet.
  • You provide your wallet address.
  • And you give them your email.


The prices on every token vary day by day, so the precise amount would be disclosed when the day comes. Still, they aimed for around $1330 USD.


The Whitelisting opened up one day and was supposed to go on several days, but this a highly popular ICO and it had over 5500 applicants the first day, while they only were supposed to allow MAX 3000 in total.

This resulted in the closing of the whitelisting that same day.


What happened next was that those that got in early got registered on a list and went through a process called KYC which stands for “Know Your Customer”.


APEX had another company do this for them and APEX themselves stated they would be done no later than Jan 3, 2018.


To see if you needed to re-submit anything you would simply have to wait.

And if you did anything wrong, even though if you were among the first 3000, you would miss the boat.

You would not get a notification if you did an error to your email.


Those that did not follow instructions would lose their place to the next person in line.


In the Telegram group, there was a lot of people that missed the Whitelisting due to missing out on crucial details, and when it is first come, first serve basis… This is natural.

Still, one can be a bit put off by the process. First one needs to be quick and be among the first 3000. Then they ALLOWED over 5500 applicants. They said…


And if you miss some details, you are not eligible to resubmit those because there are over 2000 more applicants in line, even though they should not be.


Having read through the comments there was actually ONE post which clearly stated that there was over 3001 that got access to the whitelisting.

This should not be the case they only allowed 3000, so they said.


So, for anyone wanting to get in on any type of Whitelisting with a KYC process, it is important to know that in order to actually be eligible you would need to follow instructions, and MAYBE even see false information when it comes to the number of applicants.


Let this be a “heads- up”to those who are into ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) and the process behind it.


When entering these, you may find yourselves sending emails back and forth with the company and spend a lot of time extra due to the complex/complicated and sometimes downright wrong approach when you as a client follow instructions and they don’t.


In this case, the post I read about the applicant 3001 which got special access, for some unknown reason, got deleted right away after I mentioned it to the Admin.


Not all companies will work this way of course.


But some do.


If you are a client you want to have an honest buy.

You want to follow an honest trustworthy process.

You want your time to be spent with respect.


Beware of the fact that these things happen, even though you may be among the first whitelisted individuals.


Hopefully you can see that people do make mistakes, because they are, after all, only people.

In a business setting though, one would expect more.


APEX themselves have stated now, that there were over 4200 applicants in about 9 hours.

Again a new number.

They first mentioned in an email over 5500.

This can be, of course, duplicate applicants which they had first.

Maybe now they have adjusted the number to be correct.



APEX is connected to a lot of Big companies like these below:

apex token partners

And also some investors:

apex investors

You can see the team behind it here:

Apex Core Management Team

You might want to look out for this token when it hits the crowdsale very soon as it is expected to be a serious player in the token market.

All the best.