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INS review, we reveal what you need to know about the INS coin.

INS is a brand new ICO (Initial Coin Offering) which is happening soon. 4th of December to be specific.

—> You can register for access already to be a part the ICO here.

What is it?

INS review

INS is led by a high-level team, more on that below… INS is a cryptocurrency used for shopping groceries at a lower price than the store. Delivered to your doorstep.

They aim at 30% lower cost of the food for the consumers. Why can it be so low? Because by using this technology they can cut out expensive middlemen and again bring fresh food to you with a large selection instead of you needing to even go out to get it. Having food delivered is not new, but getting it cheap is.

The crew behind this ICO is a team from Goldman-Sachs and Rothschilds to mention a few.

These guys mean business and have experience with high-level dealings in the past.


About ICO:

An ICO means you can be a part of the startup of a coin. When Bitcoin was low, it was sold for $0,50… It is today around $11.704, give or take.

So when there is an ICO one can get in at buying low and possibly gain high.

In the Cryptospace, there are several opportunities to join ICO’s.

However, there are not that many with so promising results.

On this site, we cover what we have found to be proven business models which lasts.


We only share ICO’s that we do find to be of the utmost quality.

INS is such.

It has the trademarks we are looking for a solid investment which many has called to be a new “Powerledger.”

(Powerledger is a cryptocurrency which rose 5-10 times in price after ICO.)

With that being said, we still do not give legal or financial advice on this blog as we are not educated as such.

We only share our conclusion on what we find in the market which we look at with serious eyes ourselves.

Any investment you possibly make is in your own hands, and we do not accept any responsibility for any loss, or gain you may or may not get from following this blog.


What to look for when looking at ICO:

  • Have a product, INS has one, and has already made major deals with big companies and also smaller farmers for coffee etc.
  • Have a solid team, INS has one really nice team with Harvard expertise among more.
  • Have whitepaper/roadmap. Check.
  • Have investors.
  • Reasonable token distribution, (Not 2 Billion coins.)

With that info, you can start to see if you can see the potential in the product itself.


INS Price

This can be a golden ICO but only time will tell for sure.

We find it, however, to be of interest.

Now, If YOU find this review interesting then you should read more on their site before you move on, or dive in.

To go to INS to read more…

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Thanks for reading our INS review. All the best to you.