Pass it forward

Hello and welcome to the Libra Coin write up.

As you may or may not know, Facebook has been planning to launch their new coin for some time.

They just announced “Libra” which will be released in 2020.

When it comes to Cryptocurrency and the adoption of it ion the mainstream society, THIS moves the lever.

Facebook has over 2 Billion users!

And they WANT you to start using their currency for everything you do on the platform. This will be the MOST powerful coin of them all, with the insane mass adoption it is going to get.

If you were ever on the fence with Cryptocurrencies and maybe you thought it was a bubble… Then THIS SHOULD make your eyebrows heighten, and stay elevated.

The previous phase of Crypto was 1 1/2 year of “Bearish” market, where the price dropped significantly. It was expected because the price rise we had BEFORE that phase again, was extremely volatile and made some coins unnatural gains. So a “correction” was in order.

The next phase however, which we have been waiting on for some time, is starting now. The last month or so, Bitcoin has doubled in price.

At the time of this writing it is at $9,110.76. Not too long ago it was at $3500.00

And while we need to wait for the mass adoption to take its steps, the price rises slowly and steadily.

The news of Facebooks Libra is just another proof of this, you can see it is coming to THE MOST KNOWN WEBSITE apart from Google, IN THE WORLD. And you can see that the price is rising,

So while the banks adapt it behind the scenes, the gamers adapt it with playing Dapps, the community is growing and the tech is stretching its roots further and deeper.

The “electronic money” is here to stay, and you have but one year before it is MAINSTREAM, from now. More or less.

The time to wake up, is now. Wake up, take notes, take action, hop along for the ride 😉

Bull run is near(here).