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How much of your payment would you be willing to stake on bitcoin ?</ figcaption>

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With cryptocurrency appreciates to continuing to skyrocket, at least one company is going to try to give its employees positive incentives to invest in Bitcoin by offering it as a salary alternative.

Japanese internet companionship GMO Internet Group will be going out the system in February 2018, according to a report from Coindesk. Employees will have the option to choose a portion of their monthly stipend, straying from 10,000 yens( around $89) to 100, 000 yen( or $888 ), to be paid to them in Bitcoin.

GMO will also throw in a 10 percentage bonus, as positive incentives to encourage more investment, and the entire process will be implemented by GMO’s own cryptocurrency referred to as “GMO coin.”

The move realizes feel for GMO. The companionship is already in the Bitcoin business and is propelling an initial coin provide( ICO) in 2018.

But just as important are the concerns about the growing cryptocurrency bubble and what who are able to mean for these employees if or when that bubble volleys. While the proposals of the quantities seem relatively small, they add up over a year, especially the higher restrictions.

Given what we know and, even more importantly, don’t is well known Bitcoin, would you be willing to bank anywhere from $1,000 to some $ 10,500 on cryptocurrency that few, if any, really truly understand?

With all the attention cryptocurrency has received, some are starting to see it more and more as a legitimate sort of currency and, like the vendor of this Miami condo, are trying to use it alone for business.

Others, like the online gaming platform Steam, are more incredulous and wheeling back their decision to accept Bitcoin given the volatility of the marketplace.

Of course, maybe this will all pan out for GMO and others around the world said he hopes that cryptocurrency stabilizes enough to become a comparatively pervasive, lawful chassis of time-honoured money.

But that’s a big perhaps, peculiarly if you’re a low-level employee and your own money’s at post. For now, considering the asset possibility with a dosage of agnosticism possibly isn’t a bad thing at all.

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