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The Odyssey ICO is here!


  • The Odyssey Token can now be found at Kucoin.

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ABOUT ODYSSEY, or “OCOIN” if you will.


ODYSSEY’s mission is to build the next-generation decentralized sharing economy & Peer to Peer Ecosystem. ODYSSEY aims to reduce overall operating cost, increase marketplace efficiency and boost ROI of product & service providers in the Global sharing economy & peer to peer ecosystem.

Using blockchain smart contract as well as AI and Big Data, ODYSSEY will empower the ecosystem with below revolution:

One Credit/Trust-Based Protocol for all ODYSSEY ecosystem players:

  • Decentralized and Minimum Operating Cost
  • Open Source and Scalable
  • Trustworthy and Anonymous
  • Autonomous and Better Compliance
  • Incentivized Participation
  • Monetization

Peer to Peer Ecosystem Community:

  • Decentralized and Minimum Transaction Cost
  • Easier Monetization
  • Better Distribution and Matching
  • Quicker Transactions without payment barriers



We want to build a faithful sharing economy system where:

  • Everything can be shared, everything can be connected. Sharing is the new ownership.
  • Everyone should have the full ownership of the data they possess and create. Data must be freely owned, and will not be used to exchange for the right to participate sharing economy system.
  • Freedom to share, free to share. Everyone that contributes to the ODYSSEY sharing economy will be entitled to proportional profits for their contribution, according to ODYSSEY’s rewarding mechanism.
  • Credit is priceless and Credit should be rewarded, according to ODYSSEY’s credit protocol mechanism.
  • Sharing Economy should be non-monopoly and unbiased for everyone.
  • Sharing Economy should be autonomous.



The ODYSSEY PROTOCOL FOUNDATION LIMITED is set up with the approval of the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and under supervision and regulation of the Company Law of Singapore. It is run by the Board of Trustees or the Board of Governors formed by eligible trustees for independent management and operation, which is also independent from the government’s administration.

Singapore is renowned for its stable and well-established laws and financial environment. As a nonprofit entity established in Singapore, the ODYSSEY PROTOCOL FOUNDATION LIMITED, subject to the laws of Singapore, is a legal entity having no commercial interest that supports and engages in activities for public or private benefits. The “profits” obtained by the Foundation are deemed surplus and will be retained for the organization and implementation of other activities and events. Members of the Foundation will never partake any distribution of profits.

Check out the Whitepaper below.

Odyssey Whitepaper


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To get access to this ICO, you will need to register here:

Click here to go to the project.


A minimum of 0.5 Eth will need to be deposited, from your wallet. Not your exchange.

If you have it in an exchange, send it to your wallet then send it to the project address you will be given.


Final thoughts:


Justin Sun which is behind the TRON project is the Chief advisor here.


That speaks a lot of merit for us as Justin, although young, has a good grip on Crypto and also Crypto ecosystems.

The Odyssey project is being weaved into the others he also has his fingers on.

We can only speculate as to what direction that will be, for now, to be honest with you and ourselves.


If you have some knowledge in the Cryptospace and have heard about Justin Sun before then you might understand why we share this opportunity with you as we are excited to see the massive growth the Cryptospace has. It is only getting bigger and better in my opinion.

This is an ICO, Initial Coin Offering. -Meaning, that you can get in at an early stage.

Upside, low cost, and possible huge gains.

The downside, more risk.


Why would we explore the risk?

Higher risk, more reward.

With the team and plan set as quality “enough” for us. We proudly present this ICO to you.


If you want in, you have a fixed window of time to register before it gets filled with other interested.


* We do not offer financial advice and you all owe it to yourself to do a proper reading on every project you are interested in.

As in all investment opportunities, you must be willing to lose money.

That being said, we do not accept any responsibility should you follow a hunch or a lead that we provide.

The responsibility for your money and your future is in YOUR hands.


We wish you all the best, at any time.


If you want to read up on the Odyssey/Ocoin ICO project…

Here is the link again:

Click Here To Go To Odyssey Ico