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One of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges has been down for hours and its buyers are starting to freak out.

Kraken went offline at 9 p. m. Pacific Time on Wednesday for upkeep that was initially scheduled to last two hours, plus an additional two to three hours for abolitions, according to an announcement on the San Francisco-based company’s website.

“We are still working to resolve the issues that we have identified and our squad is working all over the clock to ensure a smooth improvement, ” according to a status updated information on Kraken’s website affixed seven hours ago. “This conveys it may still make several hours before we can relaunch the site.”

In previous revises, Kraken mentioned it’s working on “unexpected and delicate issues” and assured patrons their funds were self-assured, adding that “Yes, this is our new chronicle for downtime since we launched in 2013. No, we’re not proud of it.”

The short biography of cryptocurrencies has been rife with intruders and embezzled bitcoin, so issues with exchanges are quick to faze investors. In the most famous instance, Mt. Gox entered for insolvency in 2014 after forgetting hundreds of thousands of its patients bitcoins. Less dramatically, favourite websites such as Coinbase has often been hurtled or slowed down in the past few months as they’ve been unable to handle the increased freight coming from the growing number of investors trying to cash in on the crypto boom.

Kraken is one of the exchanges that the CME Group Inc. is utilizing to expenditure the bitcoin futures it interposed last month.

Lack of communication from fledgling business, interruptions in withdrawals and gives, high fees and the slithering anxiety of a malevolent criticize are some of the issues predominantly retail investors front and intimidate many more from rushing in.

With not even a phone number or e-mail are available on Kraken’s status page, the exchange’s purchasers vented on Twitter.

A Twitter user with the list of Victor M. said “I’m seriously considering litigating Kraken. anyone interested as well? ” The Tweet get more than 300 likes. A customer with the identify North Canton Cab Com tweeted to Kraken saying “due to the length of down epoch are you able at least assure us that our coppers and accounts are safe and haven’t been spoofed or embezzled satisfy, seems beyond any regular circumstance at this level when people are worried sick! ”

Others are resorting to humor, with Twitter user @ Subbedeius affixing “Kraken is the best programme to bypass panic-selling. It time doesn’t work when sh* t smacks the fan.”

Kraken got up again on Saturday and trading was back to normal.

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