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In what should be an interesting beginning to the coming deluge of ICO disappointments, the SEC has come down hard on Munchee, a company that built a $15 million token auction. The SEC chairwoman lately have also pointed out that coin renders are, in fact, insurances and that pre-sale participants must be registered with the SEC.

The Munchee ICO aimed to fund the MUN coin, a payment organisation for restaurant refreshes. The fellowship received a cease and desist from the SEC on December 11.

Within the SECs meets they noted that Munchee bragged itself as a “utility” token which means that the company speculated the MUN token would be primarily used within the Munchee ecosystem and not be used to fund actions. However, thanks to an application of the Howey Test( a Supreme Court finding that essentially states that any instrument with the expectation of comeback is an investment vehicle ), the SEC procured the Munchee was actually liberating a certificate masquerading as a utility.

“Munchee offered MUN signs in order to raise uppercase to build a profitable endeavor, ” read the SEC notice. “Munchee said that it would use the give proceeds to run its business, including hiring people to develop its concoction, promoting the Munchee App, and ensuring’ the smooth functioning of the MUN token ecosystem.’”

The stickiest duty? Munchee claimed that its coins would increase in quality thanks to a convoluted process of growth.

“In the MUN White Paper, on the Munchee Website and elsewhere, Munchee and its agents further emphasized that the company would run its business in ways that would motive MUN clues to rise in appraise. First, Munchee described a’ tier’ mean in which the amount it would pay for a Munchee App inspect would depend on the amount of the author’s restrains of MUN tokens. For illustration, a “Diamond Level” holder having at least 300 MUN clues would be paid more for a review than a “Gold Level” holder having merely 200 MUN signs. Also, Munchee said it could or would “burn” MUN tokens in the future when diners pay for advertising with MUN signs, thereby making MUN clues out of circulation, ” wrote the SEC.

The final hammer?

Munchee publicized a blog post on October 30, 2017 that was entitled “7 Reasons You Need To Join The Munchee Token Generation Event.” Reason 4 listed on the upright was “As more customers get on the pulpit, the more valuable your MUN tokens will become” and then went on to describe how MUN purchasers could “watch [] their cost addition over time” and could count on the “burning” of MUN tokens to create the value of remaining MUN tokens.

In short-lived, Munchee was undone by two things: depending on the token marketing as a vehicle to create cash for operations and using the commonly spammy and scammy market attempts most ICO floggers use now, tactics made directly from affiliate market handbooks.

Until token marketings leave the internet ghetto and refuse to use get-rich-quick tactics and erection capsule sell subterfuges, more and more of these laughable tokens auctions will end in downfall. Fortunately, Munchee was able to return all $15 million to the 40 investors that dumped their silvers into scheme.

I tried to contact Munchee via their website but, like their ICO, that facet is shut down.

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