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The World Crypto Economic Forum is bringing together some of the world’s most notable crypto leaders


Don’t miss out on the first crypto event of the year in the Bay Area

South San Francisco Conference CenterSouth San Francisco Conference Center 2


The WCEF, being held January 15th & 16th, 2018 in the South San Francisco Conference Center, will bring together entrepreneurs, crypto enthusiasts, and thought leaders to discuss the ever-changing landscape of this fast evolving blockchain economy.


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Just announced, Nick Szabo — computer scientist, legal scholar, and cryptographer who has spent many years developing ideas around cryptocurrencies, including the phrasing and
concept of the smart contract — will be performing at the event.

A blockchain, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts pioneer will be headlining the World Crypto Economic Forum. Szabo is the intellectual godfather of Bitcoin. He developed the concept of “bit gold”, and wrote a protocol for it that was a direct precursor to Bitcoin. He also developed the concept of “smart contracts” nearly two decades before it was popularized by the second-most popular blockchain technology today, Ethereum.


Michael Arrington, Founder at TechCrunch and XRP Capital, is another keynote speaker.

Among other speakers are successful entrepreneurs and blockchain experts including Bill Barhydt (Abra), Joey Krug (Augur/Pantera), Justin Newton (Netki), Toni Lane Casserly (Culture), Igor Barinov (Oracles Network), Miko Matsumura (Evercoin) and others.

Their talks will cover all facets of the digital economy — from blockchain tech to new economic models using tokens.

In addition to keynote presentations and panel discussions, WCEF will feature lightning talks, power networking sessions, and both a token pitch and hackathon contest.


Crypto Big Picture Day 1

  • Transforming the economy & society
  • Supercharging peer-to-peer commerce
  • New governance & decentralized autonomous orgs (DAOs)
  • Virtual globalization
  • Enhancing social impact
  • Expanding freedom in vice industries
  • Outlook for 2018 and the Future

Investor’s Track Day 1

  • Crypto macroeconomics
  • ICOs & Disruption of Venture Capital
  • Tokenomics & Utility
  • Bitcoin – Digital Gold
  • App tokens vs Protocol tokens
  • Crypto investments

Founder’s Track Day 1

  • 20+ companies: Token Pitch Competition
  • Token Sale – How to do
  • Building Blockchain Community
  • Token Sale Legal Panel
  • How to get to Exchange
  • Crypto media influencers
  • Token economy

Applications Covered Day 2

  • Cross-border payments
  • Tokenization & Securitization of assets
  • Non-Financial Applications
  • Payments, Ecommerce & Loyalty
  • Enterprise Blockchain
  • Social Media & Micropayments
  • Democratizing AI
  • Blockchain + AR

Developers Track Day 2

  • Smart Contract Development
  • Privacy and Identity
  • Consensus in Blockchain Systems
  • Ethereum dApp Development
  • Security and Scalability
  • Blockchain Development Tools
  • Blockchain architecture lightning talks

Special Events

  • 24hr hackathon with significant prizes from sponsors
  • Award ceremony for Hackathon & Pitch Competition
  • Hiring Mixer
  • Power networking
  • VIP Lounge



Pierre-R. Wolff Managing Director at ExecConnect

Jun DamFounder at Bitcash

Toni Lane Casserly Founder at Culture

Gee Sivalingam Organizer of SF Blockchain Collective Meetup, Founder at Token Garage

Brett Noyes Founder at Unbank Ventures

Min Kim Head of Business Development at Bee Token, Founder at Blocultural

Jack Saba Managing Partner of Day One Investments, Cofounder of Day One Consulting

Also attending:  Sam Suh, Alex Napheys.

Sergey Borisov Founder at Apps4All agency

Ken Fromm

Nick Mitushin Founders Track and Road Show


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