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Getting the multitude of devices involved in the industrial internet of things provisioned and communicating with each other in a secure style is part of the great technological challenges of companies in the coming years. Xage( prounounced Zage) emerged from stealth today with a blockchain-based security solution that could help streamline this.

The company also announced that Duncan Greatwood has joined the company as CEO. Greatwood is an experienced financier, who sold Topsy to Apple in 2013 and PostPath to Cisco in 2008. These departures have given him the freedom to pick and choose the projects he wants to work on, and he liked what he saw at Xage from a engineering perspective.

“This is an area where a wave of change is wiping through service industries. Security is a foundational constituent of this innovation, ” Greatwood told TechCrunch.

He “re just saying that” Xage is building a protection cloth for IoT, which takes blockchain and synthesizes it with other capabilities to create a secure environment for designs to control. If the blockchain is at its core a cartel proces, then it can give companionships confidence that their IoT manoeuvres can’t be compromised. Xage thinks that the blockchain is the perfect solution to this problem.

They do this by building a trusted network of people, machines and applications on the blockchain, which creates an irrefutable alliance among these different entities and avoids anyone who has not been given definite dispensation from gaining access.

“The blockchain is controlling like a strewn, redundant tamper-proof data store. It connects with plans pushed from the gloom or configured locally. The[ protection] cloth enables the inventions and AI and parties to communicate with each other and controls the flow of information, ” he explained.

Greatwood says this is helping solve a huge IoT security challenge because of the tremendous probability that’s inherent when everything can talk to everything. “Any to any communication at the leading edge with countless inventions is the worst case situation for security because you are creating the maximum assault skin-deep, ” he said.

But, he says, Xage’s blockchain approach flip-flops that because the more participation “youve had”, the most secure it’s going to be. “The more participants you have, the more insurance you have, the more redundancy you have, the harder it is to affect the system and break the consensus the blockchain is there to establish, ” he said.

What aims up getting deployed is a security fabric, a regulate of gateways and buyer maneuvers on the industrial boundary that form the blockchain among themselves, ” he said. “ The fellowship is working with IBM on the Hyperledger Fabric projectionto build their blockchain along with some of the Ethereum technology.

The product is generally available today. The busines is located in Palo Alto and currently has 20 hires. Among their early clients are ABB and Itron, which is using information and communication technologies to clause smart energy meters.

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